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An automatic rebuilt transmission is a cost-effective and alternative option in replacing your current worn and damaged transmission. At AA One Transmission we diagnose vehicles at no charge, quote fairly, offer extended warranty and we provide quality and reliable service.


AA One Transmissions have been in business for over 35 years, repairing and servicing automatic and manual transmissions to residents in Palm Beach & Broward County. 

Automatic transmission repairs cost more than manual transmissions to repair. Foreign or luxury car repairs often cost more than a domestic model car / manufacturer. Cars from the 70's, 80's and even 90's are more expensive than the newer cars simply because the availability of these transmission parts are less readily available than the late models cars and truck.

A transmission rebuilt - involves a meticulous systematic procedure that our experienced certified technicians and mechanics have performed numerous times over the years. The damaged transmission is removed, the torque converter is then pulled out after the transmission and is detached from the motor. The hydraulic signal caller for the automatic transmission is the Valve Body. This is removedfrom the automatic transmission, disassembled, cleaned and then rebuilt. The tail shaft assembly is taken off, cleaned and rebuilt. Disassembling and rebuilding the clutch is also part of the automatic transmission rebuilding process. Once we remove the front and rear servo,

we are ready to complete the rebuild phase for your vehicle's transmission, with the accumulator piston and springs, rebuilding the front and rear clutch, planetary gear assembly, and front and rear servo bands.

AA One Transmission repair shop has ASE certified technicians with expertise to repair all Automatic transmission models. Contact us immediately if you experience a Check Engine light, Any unusual sounds, slipping of gears, higher than usual RPM rates or if you are experiencing transmission fluid leak.

AA One Transmissions will diagnose your transmission concerns at no-cost and get you back on the road with the least expense as possible.

Full Warranty on Parts & Labor

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