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 Common Transmission Problems with Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes-Benz is now part of and being manufacturer by Daimler Chrisyler corporation. The overall quality of the Mercedes-Benz is very good but after Chrysler took over they may have knocked down a notch. The transmission in the Mercedes-Benz has had some innovations such as the 7G Tronic Plus.


This transmission has less converter slip and fraction in the transmission gears and also provides better fuel mileage. This has become more efficient than the first series of this transmission, the enhanced 7G allows lower engine speed when in economy mode which gives the car better miles per gallon.

Every car out there has design flaws or deficiency that eventually leads to transmission repairs but some transmission issues are just fail-safe modes to protect it. If this happens to your Mercedes-Benz transmission, you will only be allowed to use second gear and reverse. This occurs when the sensors from the input valve do not coincide with the valve body sensors your Mercedes-Benz transmission. This repair is usually due to a brake light switch, wiring harness connector mass air flow sensor or shift module. The first thing we check is the transmission fluid to see if that is the cause. Trouble shifting can be caused by low transmission fluid levels, or a lose connector adapter plug. If these do not ease or fix the problem, you may have a more serious transmission issue.

The 722.6 New Automatic Gearbox transmission  has had the most problems often found in the E-class models and models from 1998 to 2006. Symptoms include trouble shifting and grinding sounds. Make sure you protect your shifter inside the car from rain or liquids as the insulation around this shifter is inadequate.

Electric problems are a very common problem with your Mercedes-Benz transmission. The great news is that they are not costly repairs and we don't have to disassemble your transmission when you bring it into our technician at AA One Transmissions. The valve body conductor plate sensor fails and needs to be removed, the valve body taken out and then replace the defective valve body plate and sensor.

At AA One Transmissions our ASE certified technicians are experienced and well trained to work on Mercedes-Benz transmissions. We are experts in repairing and servicing Mercedes-Benz transmissions. AA One Transmissions always uses manufacture parts such as torque converters, solenoids, planetary gears, clutch parts, gaskets and the specified fluid by the manufacturer.

AA One Transmission repair shop has ASE certified technicians with expertise to repair all Automatic transmission models. Contact us immediately if you experience a Check Engine light, Any unusual sounds, slipping of gears, higher than usual RPM rates or if you are experiencing transmission fluid leak.

AA One Transmissions will diagnose your transmission concerns at no-cost and get you back on the road with the least expense as possible.

Full Warranty on Parts & Labor

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