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Common Transmission Problems with Toyota 

Toyota is an extremely good car manufacturer, but like any car in the market, it has a history of transmission issues through design flaws leading to a transmission failure and eventually needing repair.


Toyota Corolla from the early 2000’s have had  gearbox seizures and transmission gears not shifting. Once the gearbox needs replacing, in some cases the solenoid and or torque converter needs to be replaced.


Toyota Camry has had issues with not being able to shift at higher speeds after putting over 120,000 miles on the car. This is due to a bad solenoid (electronic component) which is not a costly repair compared with more serious problems. When the gears become hard to shift, this usually indicates the check balls in the valve body to become displaced. Older Toyota Camry’s known issues are the TPS - throttle position sensor and shift solenoid.


Toyota Avalons, usually come in with transmissions slipping which have varying issues that cause problems.


Toyota Tacomas, have had issues with transmission gears popping out of gear at different speeds due to a bad shift lever which is a minor repair. Make sure you check your transmission fluid levels with this Toyota Tacoma. As this specific truck gets older, the rear and front seals break down and begin to lose transmission fluid without knowing. The loss of fluids will cause the transmission gears to make a grinding sound. This can put a strain on the performance and life of the engine.


Toyota Rav4 transmission repairs have been mostly electronic with the power and electronic modules, which is the brain center of the functionality of the transmission. When this fails, your shifting becomes impaired and the solenoids in the transmission are not given the correct information. When this happens the malfunctions cause the transmission clutches to burn out. Transmission repairs may consist of replacing the electronic control module and checking the solenoids as well as other parts to ensure there are no further damage to your car.

AA One Transmission repair shop has ASE certified technicians with expertise to repair all Automatic transmission models. Contact us immediately if you experience a Check Engine light, Any unusual sounds, slipping of gears, higher than usual RPM rates or if you are experiencing transmission fluid leak.

AA One Transmissions will diagnose your transmission concerns at no-cost and get you back on the road with the least expense as possible.

Full Warranty on Parts & Labor

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