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Common Transmission problems with Honda

Honda automobile are exceptionally well made, particularly the engine.  As long as your Honda's transmission is maintained properly, you can get much life out of your vehicle. Honda transmission usually have problems when you encounter them, after 150,000 miles. In most cases the check engine light will come on and when this happens it's recommended to bring your Honda automobile in as soon as possible for our FREE Transmission Diagnostics check.

Grinding transmission gear sounds and missed transmission gear engagements are among some of the common transmission issues we have seen, along with the transmission gears popping out specifically in the Honda Civic.

 Repairing the torque convertor on the Honda Civic usually remedies this problem. If not repaired in a timely manner your Honda transmission will heat up and burn through the fluid, clutches and other components.


 During a span of 4 years from 2001 to 2004 there have been numerous Honda transmission failures which eventually prompted a recall for models such as the Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Honda Accord and the Acura. If your automobile was not in the recall, we may be able to replace the torque convertorforward clutchespump, gasket and seals or other components. If the problem has worsen, we may need to do a rebuild or replace the transmission in your Honda.

In the Honda CR-V model transmission from 2003 to 2008 the clutches and torque converters are the biggest repair. The clutch wears out, the system and filter gets clogged with debris. The transmission over heats causing failure, possibly no movement when the car is hot.  An important tip Avoid having to rebuild your transmission by having the system checked periodically after 60,000 miles. 

We have encountered several Honda Accord models from 1997 to 2008,  4WD, automatic and manual transmissions. We see major breakdowns between 75,000 miles and up. Poor manufacturing gave mechanics no access to the transmission filter, which become clogged with metal shavings and other contaminants. Eventually the transmission would run hot and destroy the transmission which would then have to be rebuilt. An auxiliary cooling system has been tried to cool down the system but this was just a stop gap measure. The key is to have your Honda transmission system maintained by a well trained expert in Honda Transmissions as ours are ASE Certified technicians.

At AA One Transmissions our ASE certified technicians are experienced and well trained to work on Honda transmissions. We are experts in repairing and servicing Honda transmissions. AA One Transmissions always uses manufacture parts such as torque converters, solenoids, planetary gears, clutch parts, gaskets and the specified fluid by the manufacturer.


AA One Transmission repair shop has ASE certified technicians with expertise to repair all Automatic transmission models. Contact us immediately if you experience a Check Engine light, Any unusual sounds, slipping of gears, higher than usual RPM rates or if you are experiencing transmission fluid leak.

AA One Transmissions will diagnose your transmission concerns at no-cost and get you back on the road with the least expense as possible.

Full Warranty on Parts & Labor

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